Let’s make it a process

Hello there. Let me introduce myself! I am mother to a fascinating little boy and I’ve decided that we’re going to ‘tweak’ our way to a greener lifestyle for him. I’ve studied personal growth and quality improvement, and I’ve decided to apply some of the same priniciples to greening up my lifestyle. Concepts that I think will help me to succeed are to tackle the low-hanging fruit first, that small changes are easier to make and to stick to than big sweeping ones, and that improvement is a continuous process and that you’re never done. So, I’m going to chronicle my progress here with you. I figure that if anyone out there makes a change with me, then maybe we can make a difference! The need for change is urgent and if every little bit slows down climate change by even a nanosecond, well then, it counts.
I work full-time and my husband, son and I live in Toronto. Toronto is pretty green for a big city and ranks #9 on the US and Canada Green City Index, #2 in Canada, behind Vancouver. I guess that means that the city is making efforts and I see it as my duty to do the same. Where am I right now? Well, I recycle and compost at home but only recycle at work, I try to turn off the lights whenever I leave a room and use halogen lights most of the time, I have a 10 minute commute to work but I do drive, and I try to remember my reusable grocery bags but we sometimes forget. There’s definitely a lot of room for ‘tweaking’.
So why am I thinking so much about climate change? Well, having my son was a huge part of it. I immediately switched over to organic food and baby products for him and I think that’s what brought change to the consciousness. I did a lot of research and switched out all household products for safer ones. Anything safer for him was safer for the environment too. Before that, I used to love watching nature shows as a kid with my dad, but I get so depressed about the poor animals, that I don’t watch them anymore. But isn’t that just shying away from the problem? And now, the increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions are now a regular reminder of the damage that’s been done. And it is so easy to feel doom and gloom isn’t it? The problem seems so massive and out of control, what can I, a regular working mom, do?
Well, this is me, making it a process, chronicling my journey. I’m committing to making changes, one tweak at a time and not a moment to lose! You may be starting off living a much greener life than my family does, and kudos to you. But if you’re like me, won’t you join me in my quest to start with little changes that will add up to big effects? Maybe together, we can catch up to all the green folk out there and make a difference. Talk soon!

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