Removing the Earplugs

I want to talk about what has likely been the most important step for me to take towards battling climate change and maintaining the health of the planet. This was probably the hardest step.

Throwing my recyclable garbage into recycling bins was the easiest first step especially with the increasing availability of recycling bins. I’ve done this for years. But I had otherwise closed my eyes and covered my ears to the buzz around climate change. It made me sad and depressed and I stopped watching animal shows and avoided news about extremes in weather patterns. I would put on my metaphorical earplugs. I think this is a common mental block for many people. Either we are unaware of what’s going on, or we want to avoid the bad news thinking that we can’t make a difference. What changed my mind was the realization that it didn’t matter whether I thought I could make a difference, but rather that I had to do what I could. Sooner rather than later.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but this Blog has helped me. It helps me organize what I’ve learned, and I have the hope that maybe others can benefit from the research that I’ve done, and shared in a non-PREACHY way. I’m reading other blogs, websites, and even listen to podcasts! Getting over the initial hump was the hardest, but surprisingly it hasn’t been too painful and now I can share what what I learn. We are getting to the breaking point and can’t hide from the problem anymore. We know that by the fact that the US government is finally increasing the importance of this issue as well.

I am not an activist and I thought that the scope of my influence was too small to matter. But you know what, I have influence over my spouse, my kid, and to some extent, the people that I work with. I don’t plan to preach to them because I don’t think that it would be productive. But I will continue to bring about positive change in a friendly way where I can, tweak by tweak!


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