Species Protection

Monarch Butterfly caterpillars are eating my Milkweed!

So thrilled that my son discovered 4 big Monarch caterpillars on my milkweed plants yesterday! Their distinctive stripes are really a sight to see up close. I’ve only ever seen their iconic images in pics.

I ordered the milkweed seeds from the David Suzuki Foundation last fall and they took a long time to arrive and were pricey but it’s charitable. I imagine they can be purchased for cheaper elsewhere. I hadn’t really done much gardening before this summer so I only had 7 plants survive germination but here they are having an immediate impact. I’m hoping to successfully multiply these plants with cuttings this fall.

So, it’s only 4 larvae and hopefully 4 butterflies eventually, but if we all chip in, we can get the Monarch Butterfly numbers back up! Join me won’t you?


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